Quadrature data, I & Q Data in .wav file

Quadrature data, I & Q Data in .wav file

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Quadrature data for SDR receiver.

This data can be used to playback in time a 96KHz chunk of a HF band. The data can be downloaded and opened with a SDR receiver like the iSDR, HDSDR (Winrad) and many others.

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[SND]CQWW_CW_+1_852_700+_20110129-220000.wav2015-12-28 13:47 659M 
[SND]CQWW_CW_+1_852_700+_20110129-223000.wav2015-12-28 13:46 659M 
[SND]CQWW_CW_+1_852_700+_20110130-000000.wav2015-12-28 13:46 659M 
[SND]CQWW_CW_+1_852_700+_20110130-003000.wav2015-12-28 13:45 659M 
[SND]CW_1-852-700_20110130-000000.wav2015-12-28 13:45 659M 
[SND]CW_1-852-700_20110130-010000.wav2015-12-28 13:44 659M 
[SND]CW_1-852-700_20110130-003000.wav2015-12-28 13:43 659M 
[SND]CQWW_CW_+1_852_700+_20110130-010000.wav2015-12-28 13:43 659M 
[SND]CQWW-SSB-2008_20081025-080000.wav2015-12-28 13:42 659M 
[SND]CQWW-SSB-2008_20081025-083000.wav2015-12-28 13:42 659M 
[SND]IQ-20080524-050000.wav2015-12-28 13:42 659M 
[SND]CQWW_CW_+1_852_700+_20110129-230000.wav2015-12-28 13:41 659M 
[SND]CQWW_CW_+1_852_700+_20110129-233000.wav2015-12-28 13:41 659M 

The data is generated with the SoftRock V90 (RX) or the Ensemble RX(TX) SDR hardware from Tony KB9YIG and recorded with the IQ Recording tool.

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