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IQRec is a program to record the signal (mono, stereo) from a sound card to a wav file, and display the frequence spectrum. It is possible to break the recording in separate files of 1 minute to 2 hours, and to start and stop the recording on some specified date / time. The wav file can be used with other SDR receivers (like WinRad from Alberto I2PHD or Rocky from Alex Shovkoplyas VE3NEA) to listen to the signal on a later time.



To install the program run this Setup program. It will download the msi and install the executable and the needed NSP library DLL's.

Recorded data from this program at the 40m Radio Amateur Band can be found here. It is recorded with a good quality soundcard the M-Audio Delta-44 at 96K samp/sec (the I&Q data files are big, about 675Mb!!).

Sometimes it can be crowdy with all that CW!

CW on 40m

Version history.

V1.0Initial version released. Used to record the CQWPX CW contest (48hours, 63Gb total)
V1.2Changed wav file recording code and add 512Mb data buffer.
V1.5All kind of updates, include the small NSP lib and the MS install package.

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