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ExtIO_SoftRock is a simple DLL that will set fixed frequnecy from a SoftRock in WinRad.
It is only to remember the xtal frequency from the SoftRock and to switch easily between the different SDR with a fix xtal frequency.


The installation is simple, place the ExtIO_SoftRock.dll in the same directory as the WinRad.exe program. On the moment only one ExtIO_*.dll file may exist in that directory. If there are more DLL's only the first one will be seen by WinRad!

For starting / using the DLL go in WinRad to the menu "ShowOptions" / "Select input" and click "SoftRock".
Winrad menu

The program is in development on the moment, please check for new releases.


The DDL is under control of WinRad and the only thing it will do is to send the selected SoftRock frequency to WinRad. It is not possible any more to change the LO frequency in WinRad when the DLL is active.


V0.1 at 22/03/2007: First release.
Download ExtIO_SoftRock.dll