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ExtIO_Elektuur is a simple DLL controling the DDS chip (AD9835) in the Elektuur DRM Receiver for use with WinRad (WinRad version 1.24 is needed). When installed, the frequency change in WinRad will change the DDS frequency from the DRM receiver.
There is also a other DDS module "DDS-Generator" from AK MODUL-BUS that uses the same IO as the Elektuur DRM receiver and can be controlled by this software.


The installation is simple, place the ExtIO_Elektuur.dll in the same directory as the WinRad.exe program, and connect the Elektuur DRM receiver to the COM1 port en sound card.
Also install the UsePort OR GiveIO driver to give access to the COM port IO registers, that is only necessary on Win2000 and WinXP.

For starting / using the DLL go in WinRad to the menu "ShowOptions" / "Select input" and click "Elektuur".Winrad menu

The program is in development on the moment, please check for new releases.


The DDL is under control of WinRad and the only thing it dus is send the new frequency from WinRad to the Elektuur receiver by using Bit-Bang of the RS323 COM port lines. (That is how the Elektuur receiver was designed.)

The parameters can be changed by the dialog screen and are default at:The GUI

GiveIO or UserPort

If you are running Win2000 or WinXP you will need to install the GIVEIO OR the UserPort device driver to access the COM port pins direct by the software.

Elektuur DRM Receiver

V0.1 at 29/01/2007: First release.
V1.0 at 13/02/2007: New interface Winrad 1.24.
V1.1 at 13/02/2007: Changed show / hide use H key in WinRad
V1.2 at 17/03/2007: Changed min / max frequency to WinRad
Download ExtIO_Elektuur.dll