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AMSR is a Ham radio receiver program to receive some (AM,FM,SSB,CW) radio signals from the Elektuur DRM Receiver. It is a test program to see if I can build a receiver in software with minimal hardware and some DSP technique. There is a mutch nice software radio on the web at SDRadio from Alberto I2PHD.

The program fuctionality is described in the next steps:

The program is in development on the moment, please check for new releases.


Download AMSR.exe you also need some FFT functions in this DLL, put it on the same directory as AMSR.exe.
Example wav file (zip, 48000 samp/sec, stereo with same data). I need a example file with Q&I samples!

Elektuur DRM Receiver

Version history.

V0.1Initial version released, very basic
V0.2Never released, testing only
V0.3Changed the output (reverse) FFT to a lower size (1/4 or 1/8) so less filtering and cpu power is needed
V0.4 Remove the seperated FFT for the display and use the FFT from the filter to display, still expirimental
V0.5Mouse drag for the center frequence end low and high filter bandwidth. Selection of the sound device.
V0.6The size of the FFT and FFT reverse can be changed bij de Options dialog. The input and output sound device can be selected.
V0.8Reading of .wav files is possible via the options/file menu, I only test it with my own build wav file. (?? will it work ??)
V0.9Sound out downsample by 2 with using the stereo output of the mono signal

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